Presently, the volunteers and supporters of The Yeshe Tsogyel Foundation are helping children and young people of underprivileged families. Since the average annual income of the typical farming family in Bhutan is $600, meeting expenses of books, uniforms, food, lodging, and transportation for an elementary age child is beyond the family’s means. For many children in the rural villages, the walk to school isn’t a matter of several hours but several days. The Yeshe Tsogyel Foundation ┬áprovides financial assistance of $ 65 per year per elementary age student. Currently the annual cost of supporting a middle school age child is $125 and a high school age student is $160.

Due to economic constraints, many parents migrate to major towns leaving their nestlings behind with siblings and infirm relatives. The miseries and sufferings are an integral part of the life of this valley, some of the tragic example are young kids who lost their parents an auto accident. Large families are struggling to cope with the major medical expenses associated with some serious disease, a child who is mute, a grandmother who is blind and a father who is suffering a hearing loss.

Still these families understand the importance of education. The Yeshe Tsogyel Foundation now supports the education of 14 children and youth ages 8 – 20.


The volunteers and supporters of Yeshe Tsogyel Foundation firmly believe in the importance of preserving the values and traditions of one of the oldest cultures in the world. The organization fully supports the government’s policy of preservation of the culture, tradition and architecture of Bhutan. The Foundation’s programs and activities promote solutions to humanitarian and educational needs, while at the same time, encouraging cultural preservation and respect for traditions that are the underpinning of the Bhutan identity.