The Yeshe Tsogyel foundation is formed with the following objectives:

To provide educational support to the economically disadvantaged. 
To support community development and encourage self-sufficiency through farm mechanization. 
To preserve and promote the culture, tradition, values and environment of Bhutan.
To work for the peace and harmony of the community by creating a sense of mutual existence.

Board Members

Ms. Lucy Kingsley – President
The founder of the organization, Ms. Lucy Kingsley is a retired metal health specialist. She attributes her aspiration towards public services to her New England grandmother and is also ordained Buddhist Lay nun in Thich Nhat Hahn’s Order of Interbeing. Over the years she developed a profound fondness for this country and now considers Bhutan her second home. During her visits, she witnessed some of the hardships suffered by the Bhutanese people in the rural areas and felt compelled to take action.   Contact me

Katheelen L. O’ Connor – Treasurer
Ms. O’ Connor is a retired metal health specialist. She is an enthusiastic traveler, fifth generation Hawaiian Haoli. She is inspired to do service as a result of growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and being the single mother of three children.

Denise Schadegg – Secretary
Ms. Schadegg is employed as the director of an organization that operates long term housing for chronically mentally ill. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s she feels compelled to work for positive social change.

Laura Wells – Director
Ms. Wells is a student of Buddhism as well as a social worker and an avid world traveler.

Dr Pema Jamtsho, Minister to the Ministry of Agriculture- (Trustee)
Lyonpo Dr. Pema Gyamtsho is Bhutan’s first democratically elected Agriculture Minister from the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa political party. His Excellency was appointed as the Minister for Agriculture in April, 2008. 
He started his career in the civil service in 1983 as a Research Officer with the Grassland and Associated Fodder Research Centre, Bumthang. In 2006, he began to serve as the Deputy Resident Coordinator for Helvetas/SDC Bhutan, before resigning to participate in the first parliamentary democracy.
An agronomist/development planner by profession, he has 24 working years of experience in rural development, planning, project management and research. As a mentor for the foundation, he assists in carrying out its activities for the welfare for the Tang community. 

Mr. Sonam Chophyel,(Co-ordinator)
Sonam is one of the main architects of the Yeshe Tsogyel Foundation along with Ms. Lucy Kinsley, the President of the foundation. The idea of establishing this foundation is to provide assistance and educational support to the children of the Tang valley. Currently, he handles the activities of the foundation in Bhutan.

Mr. Dorji Nugldrup
He is a graduate of Gaeddu College of Business Studies (2010). He has done Bachelor in Business Administration, majoring in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Born to a very humble family and having faced many social hardships in his life, he always desires to work for the benefits of the people who are in need of assistance and support.